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Powerful keynote speeches are designed to move audiences and inspire self-awareness so they can make the necessary changes in their lives. Think of it this way: The speech is like a flashlight that exposes blind spots.

The Speech Must Inform And Educate

The days when a speaker shows up and share some inspiring stories hoping transformation will occur are gone. Today, the speaker needs to have relevant content that resonates with the audience. And use stories as a context for the content. The audience needs a framework they can apply to get better results. Simply put, they need information and transformation.

The Speaker Must Be Entertaining

If a speaker wants to make a massive impact, he or she must incorporate some types of entertainment in the keynote. Entertainment releases tension. It bonds the audience members with each other. It triggers group dynamics. So, there needs to be a combination of humor, interactions, and stories weaved in the keynote.

The Audience Must Leave With Actionable Steps

Often the speaker gives a speech, and the audience is left wondering what’s next. They are confused. Information without a clear plan of action is a waste of time, energy, and money. There is a significant difference between information and knowledge. Information gives you an intellectual understanding of the subject. Knowledge occurs when you apply and experience the information. That attendees need to walk away with a roadmap for success.

The Speech Should Not Be a One-Size-Fill-All

Most presenters regurgitate a canned speech with a bunch of cliches. They have no clue what’s important to the audience and event planner. The key to the keynote is to do a staggering amount of research to truly understand the audience. Then, use the findings to customize the keynote. As the saying goes, if you can describe a person’s problem better than they describe it, they assume you are the solution.


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