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If you have ha ever worked with a negative, difficult, and pain-in-the-neck type of person you know that can be very stressful especially when you are the manager, supervisor, or the team leader.

How do you confront a person with bad behavior or attitude on your team without causing hard feelings? That can be very difficult to do. People are naturally sensitive.

Our egos are very fragile. No matter how you try to communicate with the person about his or her behavior, you are going to trigger some resentment.

Well, you are going to discover the right way to do so in this video. The techniques I share are subtle, yet they are powerful. You will learn to psychologically disarm the person and lower resistance.

If you are a leader or an HR professional in the human resources department, you will find the P.S.P. strategy very useful to you. In fact, you should use it throughout your entire life.

Regardless of you are, there will be confrontations and clashes. It’s because we are wired differently. We see the world through different lenses. You might as well accept this as a fact of like.

Let the P.S.P. formula be your compass to guide so you can get along better with others.

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