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Rene’s Speaking Fees For Atlanta Range From $0 to $7,500

Why such a big difference in the speaking fees?

Well, when you are sitting on an airplane, everyone pays a difference price. We take into consideration many factors before we decide to quote our fees to a meeting planner. So, let’s get a break down what might govern the low end and the high end of the fees above.

The list below may be a combination of all or some of the reasons why your event may quality for a huge discount.

  • You are a non-profit association or organization
  • The size of your audience is very small; 50 people or less
  • You are willing to refer Rene to your colleagues or other organizations
  • There’s a potential to book Rene for multiple events for your company
  • You are willing to give us a video testimonials after the event
  • You are willing to video tape the presentation with a professional crew
  • You need an additional half or full day session for more in-depth content on resilience, teamwork or customer service
  • You are willing to buy some personality assessments such as DISC from our company as part of the package
  • You will buy Rene’s executive coaching program for some of your leaders

How About Free?

Rene absolutely loves organizations that are driven to eradicate poverty in the world. No human being should be without foods, safe drinking water, and standard healthcare. It’s simply not fair. We are living in an abundant world. And we need vibrant and healthy people for a vibrant and healthy economy.

Here’s how you can get Rene to speak at your event or annual convention for free:

  • Your organization is a non-profit
  • You are a making a big impact in Haiti
  • Your audience size is 300 and up
  • You agree to extend one of your projects in Rene’s village

Yes, that sounds self-serving. But we all have the tribal mindset. We tend to do what’s right for the common good of our tribe. In a way, it’s selfless and altruistic. It depends on how you subjectively interpret it.

That said, if you are ready to book a keynote speaker for your event in Atlanta, let’s chat about it.

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