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In life, you have to be proactive when it comes to keeping a positive mental attitude. If not, others will control your moods and attitude. They will pull your strings on command. That’s being reactive!

Your job is to protect your ear gate and mouth gate to protect yourself from negative people in the workplace and environment. Don’t give your power away. Be in charge of how you are going to feel at any given moment.

One of my favorite metaphors is about the bees and the rattlesnakes. I use it every time I deliver a motivational keynote presentation. The goal is to make sure the negative people in the audience experience a shift. I want them to be more considerate and play nicer in life. Here’s the metaphor:

The bee is continuously busy looking for the sweetness out of flowers to create Honey.

On the other hand, the rattlesnake is busy looking for bitterness. It sucks on the bitterness to create its poison. Then it goes out to kill and destroy other living creatures.

It’s the same way in the workplace and the places where you interact with people. You will find some are just the bees and others are like the rattlesnakes.

The goal is to embrace the bee attitude. Focus on the sweetness. Find the best in everything. When others are spreading their venom, proactively decide to take the high road. Don’t allow yourself to be mired in the negative.

If you leave home to go to work without proactively working on yourself to have a positive attitude, some of your co-workers will do the job for. They will back up their dumpster truck and unload a bunch of garbage on you. Some will do it directly. Others will do it indirectly.

So, there’s a big difference between being reactive and proactive. When you are reactive, you are allowing the world to set the tone for you. You let others create your agenda. That’s a terrible way to live life.

Look, negative people are not just in your workplace. You find them in the churches as well. I know it’s the last place you would expect to deal with rattlesnakes. But, they are there.

Sometimes, you will encounter more of them at church then at work. The key is to prepare yourself for wherever you are. Even when you are going to the family reunion, you should prepare yourself.

Let’s face it; some family members can be very rowdy, inconsiderate, and arrogant. The can ruin the party for everybody. Why let them get under your skin?

Hope this video helps you be more proactive so you can experience more joy out of life.

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