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Let’s face it, this world we live in can be very depressing at times. Unless you embrace a positive attitude to deal with it accordingly, you will become a casualty.

I know it’s hard to be happy and stay positive when you are living in an environment where people tend to drag you down. And it doesn’t matter where you live. Whether you are in Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California, or anywhere around the world, you will bump into negative people.

Maybe you are dealing with some of them in the workplace or within your family members. Sometimes, they are your friends or acquaintances. And you know it hurts when your best friends try to get under your skin. Right?

However, there’s a lot of exciting people and things in this world. It depends on your focus.

The sad truth is, way too many people focus on the negative aspect of life. Thanks to television broadcasting killing, shooting, and other negative news. Unfortunately, most people are addicted to TV.

Some people would ask me if life is always happy, exciting, and joyful for me. Others call me Mr. Motivation. They are hinting I’m always fired up. That’s is far from the truth.

Just like everybody, I have my share of sad moments. Th gurus, teachers, preachers, and thought leaders you see out there have down moments as well.

Don’t let their outlook or what they portray fool you. The gurus are human!

The only difference between them and the rest of us is that they believe they have some form of control over our situation. In psychology, that is called “locus of control.”

Look, the moment you feel like there’s nothing you can do about your situation, you are toast. You are hopeless. You are doomed to remain stuck where you are.

The only way you can overcome your challenges is to know for sure there’s always something you can do about your situation. The moment you embrace that mindset, you are well on your way to get your happy back.

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