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In life, you will continue to get the people and behaviors you tolerate. If someone is not treating you right and continue to accept their treatment, you will keep getting the same, and you will keep attracting more of it from others.

If you put up with mediocrity, you will encourage others to be mediocre. But more important, if you should not tolerate it from yourself. It’s hard to ask others to behave a certain way when you are not doing the opposite.

So, you want others to respect you? Well, start by respecting yourself first. If you want your team members to up their game and deliver better service, you have to model that for them.

That said, you should make it one of your main priorities to stop tolerating what you don’t want.

Stop tolerating lazy and noncaring employees on your team in the workplace. Stop tolerating those who tend to get under your skin and make life miserable for you. Stop tolerating a disrespectful husband or wife.

In this video, I offer you a few strategies on how to do so. One of them is to create a culture of excellence. It’s remarkable how an environment can change individuals.

If your environment reflects an attitude of laisser faire, people will naturally blend it. The will continue to deliver mediocrity. On the other hand, if your environment radiates excellence, they will behave accordingly.

Simply put, we are always broadcasting that which we want by the way we communicate to the people in our surrounding. It’s critical to design an environment where everyone is challenged to be the best they can be and serve with excellence.

Sometimes all you have to do is to put some posters that evoke the feelings of excellence. You show photos of people who went above and beyond the call of excellence.

Other times, you have to articulate it verbally. Let your employees, friends, family members know excellence is a MUST around you.

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