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During my thirties, I struggle a lot to break some bad habits. I found myself taking the path in life. Fortunately, I met some great people along the way who helped me realize the future consequences. And I took some actions that resulted in a big shift for me.

Since then I have been studying how we form habits. My research led me to many scientific based breakthroughs about habits. I could wait to share those breakthroughs with my audience all around the world. That’s what this video is all about.

You see, bad habits are very easy to create. In fact, you don’t have to do anything. One day you will wake up with a bad habit. It’s not that the habit is new. You just happen to notice it. It was automatically formed.

Here’s what’s remarkable about that: Those bad habits are extremely hard to break if you don’t know the right approach.

Did know that your habits today are literally creating your future self. That’s right! Continue to carry on and mindlessly forming bad habits and your future self will suffer. Have you ever seen an adult in his 50s or 60s talking about his or her regrets? That’s pretty painful.

After regrets, that person begins to feel resentments. He or she starts blaming people and things. They blame the boss, government, weather, environment, or the parents.

How Do We Form Those Bad Habits?

Well, it takes a trigger, behavior and a reward to form a bad habit. It’s the same for a good habit.

The most important of the three is the trigger. That’s what cues the behavior or action. And that can be anything you see, hear, or smell.

Once you take the action or behave a certain way, you get rewarded for it. You feel good.

Let’s say the phone rings. That’s a trigger. You pick it up. That’s a behavior. Then you feel good for talking with whomever. That’s the reward. Here’s another example:

You open the refrigerator. You see some ice scream: Trigger. You eat it: Behavior. You feel good and enjoy the ice scream: Behavior.

The Habit Loop

Once you begin to repeat that sequence, it keeps looping until the habit is created. That’s the essence of how we form a habit. All of that often happens automatically or unconsciously.

Watch this video to get more information. I would love to hear your feedback.

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