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A Global Motivational Speaker For Your Local Meetings and Conferences In Atlanta. 

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To view Rene’s full keynote unedited, click on the link below. It’s a presentation for Aflac at their leadership conference. An audience of 2,000 attendees.

Motivational Speaker In Atlanta
Praises for Rene
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Let’s say the planning committee asks you to find a motivational speaker for this year’s event. You go to Google and type “motivational speaker in Atlanta.” You find many local speakers.

How do you know which one is an experienced speaker and is the right fit for your audience?

Well, look for social proof. Find out if the speaker has spoken for other organizations like yours. More importantly, are the fans raving about him or her. Read the testimonials on their site.

The reality is, if your speaker hits a home run, you are the hero or shero. Your team members will sing your praises. You automatically raise your status in their eyes. Why? It’s because you add value to their lives. When you add value, people value you.

However, if your speaker bombs, it can be downright embarrassing. That would mean you didn’t do your due diligence.

The thing is, your team members don’t need an inspirational or motivational speaker. They are looking for real solutions to their problems. They may need help to get clarity, eliminate stresses, get over their fears, and sort out their internal conflicts.

Simply put, the problems we think we are experiencing are never the real issues. They are symptoms. The real problems are often invisible.

The magic happens when the speaker can make the invisible visible.

Most speakers tell a few stories, shout some positive affirmations and run around the room thinking they are changing lives.

Now, there are a few great motivational speakers in Atlanta or the state of Georgia. But, they rarely show up in a Google search.

Why Should You Choose Rene?

The answer is simple: The strategies Rene shares are based on a rare combination of insights from his poverty-stricken life and years of research in the field of neuroplasticity.

Simply put, Rene knows the right emotional triggers to create transformational breakthroughs.

That is why major corporations book him to help them re-engage, boost morale and inspire their team members to embrace change during corporate mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring.

And he guarantees your total satisfaction, or you get money back without any question whatsoever.

Look For A Powerful Keynote Speaker?

Rene will joing forces with you to boost morale, productivity, collaboration, and infuse a positive attitude in your workplace.

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