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Motivational Speaker In Atlanta

Looking For A Motivational Speaker In Atlanta To Join Forces With You To Make Your Event A Home Run Your Team Members Will Cherish For A Lifetime?

Praises for Rene

Let’s say the planning committee asks you to submit some motivational speakers for consideration.

You go to Google and type “motivational speaker in Atlanta.” You find some local motivational speakers. How do you know which one is the right fit for your audience?

Well, read or watch what past clients are saying about the speaker.

You see, if your speaker hits a homerun, you are the hero or shero. Your team members will sing your praises for a long time.

But, if your speaker bombs, it can be downright embarrassing.

Keep in mind that no one wakes up and says “I need a motivational speaker.”

People wake up with pressing problems. They are looking for someone who can offer them solutions to those problems. That’s why you have to engage your potential speaker in a meaning conversation to discover is the speaker is self-centered or audience-centered.

Many motivational speakers have a one-size-fits-all speech. They tell a few stories, shout some positive affirmations and run around the room. That’s prescription without a proper diagnosis.

Yes, Atlanta, Georgia is the home of the top outstanding speakers in the world. However, you must do your due diligence before you can find one.

Why Book Rene For Your Event?

First, Rene believes that transformation is more important than motivation. People CANNOT rise above their challenges and circumstances without breakthroughs. And there’s no breakthrough without transformation.

The moment you book Rene to speak at your event, he becomes your trusted partner. He has a vested interest in making your event a big hit.

He does so by creating a unique presentation that addresses the particular challenges of your audience.

He purposefully engineers his keynote in a way that makes the audience feel like he understands the challenges.

Does Rene Tell Motivational Stories?

You bet! Stories are the fabric of our humanity. They bond us and create common ground. Here’s Rene’s formula for platform success: Relevant Stories = Emotion = Transformation.

Notice the word relevant. The stories must mean something personal to the audience. They cannot be just woe-is-me stories. If they are, the presentation is NOT audience-centered.

Are You Rene For A Motivational Speaker In Atlanta Who Can Create A Transformation For Your Team And Make You Shine?